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Lesson Plans

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Lesson plans are representative of the thought and planning that goes into a teacher’s class. The quality and clarity of a lesson plan often determines the quality and clarity of the teaching that follows it. Good lesson plans give teachers confidence and allow them to arrive for class well-prepared. Students are more likely to enjoy themselves when the teacher has relevant, well-chosen activities and resources to aid understanding of the lesson.

With the large number of lesson plans available online, it is important that teachers choose the most appropriate one for themselves. The first thing to look at in a lesson plan, obviously, is the subject matter. A teacher who is going to teach a lesson on the digestive system must first look for lesson plans on the subject. Any chosen lesson plan can be altered to suit specific learning and classroom needs, but there are a few things that teachers should look out for in a lesson plan that catches one’s eye. Teachers should make sure the learning objective in the lesson plan is the same as the objective the teacher has in mind.

At the end of the day, teachers know their classes the best, and are therefore the best judges of whether or not a particular lesson plan is suited to the class’ needs. See our list of interesting lesson plans on various subjects: