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Kids Games

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Online kids games are a source of fun, learning, and entertainment that successfully keep kids engaged and entertained. The online virtual world here at is an adventure-based learning game for kids. Kids can learn, play and socialize in this safe and secure environment.

With child safety being the main precaution when allowing children to play online, parents are always on the lookout for safe and age-appropriate online games for kids. From basic math games, spelling games, reading games and quizzes to racing games and arcade games, there are online games for kids of all ages.
Kids Games

From school-age kids to adults, the games in the market today attract people of all ages. As a result, kids today have a variety of educational games that they can play as they learn and have fun simultaneously. Here are different kinds of games and enter the exciting world of gaming!

Learning games can be both educational and entertaining! The online virtual world here at is an adventure-based learning game for kids. Get your kids to the head of the class by having them play a host of online learning games.

Math games for kids improve numerical skills like basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division that are imperative to the learning curve of children.

Online reading games are a great way to instill good reading habits in your children. They encourage quick learning and expand horizons as children read and learn about new things.

English games improve communication skills of kids, making them more confident when it comes to social interactions. Parents can sit with their kids as they attempt games that involve reading, typing, spelling, and grammar skills.

Preschool Games are one of the best ways to introduce your little one to the world of online games. With the perfect blend of entertainment and learning, the free preschool games available online are a great way to instill a love of learning in your kids.

Adventure games give people the opportunity to explore a new world and take on the role of the lead character. Adventure games can also be educational. An adventure game focuses on the ability of the protagonist (player) to be able to solve problems and move ahead in the game.

Science Games are educational games and activities that introduce kids to different concepts of science in an easy and entertaining manner. Kids’ science games are based on basic principles that players must follow in order to win a game.



Games for Kids

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From school-age kids to adults, the games in the market today attract people of all ages. While games have always been popular, now, the purpose of games is not only to entertain and engage but to educate as well. As a result, kids today have a variety of educational games that they can play as they learn and have fun simultaneously.

Different types of Games

Games by Age :

Games for 3 year old

Games for4 year old 

Games for 5 year old

Games for 6 year old 

Games for Toddlers  

Arcade Games

Online Games

Games by Grade

1st Grade Games

2nd Grade Games

Kindergarten Games

Preschool Games

Math Games

Phonics Game


Word Games

Preschool Games

Preschool Activities

Preschool Curriculums

Preschool Games

Preschool Math Games

Science Games

Animal Games

Subject Games

Animal Games

Math Games

Reading Games

Science Games

Spelling Games

Word Games


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Games for kids

April 10, 2012 1 comment

A fun, adventure-based learning game for kids, Jumpstart online world teaches kids crucial skills for school. It is the perfect way to keep kids engaged with interactive games that help them practice and develop their reading, math and critical thinking skills.

From school-age kids to adults, the games in the market today attract people of all ages. From board games, to indoor and outdoor games, to online games and 3d virtual world games, the list is endless!

There are a myriad of options available for those looking to play games. The sheer number and variety of games available today is impressive, as the number of people who play different kinds of games has greatly increased.

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Jumpstart Kids Games and Educational Activities

October 10, 2011 Leave a comment

JumpStart World of Learning is a revolutionary educational software solution that transforms math, reading and critical thinking lessons into adventures! In each of the 4 grade-based programs, students are invited to embark on a journey through JumpStart World – a personalized 3D environment that evolves as a student progresses. Along the way, students master dozens of skills based on state and national educational standards. Designed by educators and built with cutting edge interactive technology, JumpStart World of Learning is a powerful supplemental learning program that every early elementary classroom needs.

JumpStart is a magical online world packed with friends, games and adventures! From training dragons to exploring lost islands, includes thousands of games and activities for kids ages 3-12. But what really sets JumpStart apart is our commitment to education. We believe that learning should be an adventure, not a chore. That’s why the games at are specially designed to make math, reading and critical thinking fun! After all, there’s no stopping a kid with a JumpStart!

Here are some exciting and engaging educational activities for kids right here. From activities on various subjects to art and craft activities, there is something for everybody. Get new ideas, get creative, and get busy!

Educational resources are of great help to parents, teachers and students. Free online resources make learning and teaching both easy and enjoyable. Teachers can find online resources for almost any subject, including arts and crafts.

An excellent resource for all parents as well as teachers, a worksheet is a great way for them to gauge how well kids know the subject. There are ready-made educational worksheets as well as customizable ones. This gives teachers and parents the flexibility to choose the kind of problems they want to include based on the kids’ age and level of skill.

The curriculum that a teacher decides to follow depends on the students, their personalities and interests, the teacher, the teaching style of the teacher, the price of the curriculum and the needs of the students and the teacher, to name a few important factors.

Lesson plans are representative of the thought and planning that goes into a teacher’s class. The quality and clarity of a lesson plan often determines the quality and clarity of the teaching that follows it. Good lesson plans give teachers confidence and allow them to arrive for class well-prepared.