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Educational Activities for kids

October 11, 2011 Leave a comment

There are scores of activities in Jumpstart for children of all ages. Based on your age, level of skill, and interest, you can choose from a variety of activities that are available. Whether it is reading activities or art and craft activities, there is always something for everybody. From being a great way to pass time, to being useful in learning new skills, to sharpening existing skills, these educational activities have many advantages. See our list of various activities and pick the ones you enjoy the most!

Kids’ activities
These activities for kids are a great way to keep them occupied and help learn new skills. What’s more, parents and teachers can also use printable kids’ crafts and activities that kids of all ages are bound to enjoy. Looking for a fun new way to engage the little ones? There are a variety of kids’ activities available here.

Seasonal Activities
Parents and teachers are always looking for the best way to keep kids occupied. Keep the little ones busy every season with interesting seasonal activities for kids. Simple, fun and educational, these activities will keep them busy and excited. You will never hear kids say, “I’m bored” again!

Art Activities
There are lots of benefits to engaging kids with art activities. These activities develop kids’ basic motor skills as well as encourage creativity and innovation. While the smaller kids can learn about shapes, colors and drawing, older kids can refine their artistic talents.

Grade Based Activities
Kids must be given activities that match their level of skill and ability. By engaging kids with grade-based activities, parents and teachers can monitor each child’s learning and growth. There are many grade-based activities for kids of all ages. Choose from preschool activities, kindergarten activities, 1st grade activities, 2nd grade activities and 3rd grade activities and ensure that you are exposing kids to the right kind of activities to bring out the best in them.

Holiday Activities
Holiday activities are designed and categorized keeping in mind the different age groups of kids. From art and craft activities for the holidays to math or science activities, there’s something for everybody!

Kindergarten Activities
A great resource for all parents and teachers, these activities for kindergarteners hold their attention and satisfy their curiosity. There are a variety of activities for kindergarteners such as kindergarten math activities, kindergarten reading activities, kindergarten science activities, and a whole range of other printable activities!

Math Activities
Math Activities for kids help parents and teachers gauge the extent to which children have understood different concepts and are able to apply them. With our fun math activities for kids, numbers become friends and the basic foundation for math is established at an early age.

Preschool Activities
Engage your preschoolers with fun preschool activities and watch them get busy. From art activities to math activities, there are different kinds of activities for preschoolers. Get them hooked to these activities and watch them learn new concepts with ease!

Reading activities
Online reading activities are learning tools for kids of all ages. They help them develop skills such as spelling, vocabulary, reading and even grammar. Reading activities help children build confidence and improve communication. Reading activities are essential to a child’s academic growth and form the basis of everything the child will learn in the future.

Science Activities
Science is all around us and kids can pick up science concepts from their everyday activities. Science activities are some of the most interesting activities that parents can engage kids with. Satisfy your kids’ curiosity by engaging them in easy and exciting science activities and watch them learn new concepts faster and better.

Holiday and Seasonal Activities
Try your hand at making new things with fun holiday and seasonal activities! Crafts are a great way to get creative. There are so many different types of craft activities for people of all ages that you will probably be spoilt for choice! Getting creative and indulging in different kinds of crafts has always been a popular pastime. There are many craft ideas available online for all holidays and seasons.

Family Activities
Family activities are a great opportunity to step back, watch the children grow, learn more about their interests, likes and dislikes, share what’s on your mind and listen to everything they have to say. Family activities bring all the members of the family together and strengthen ties between all. No matter where you stay, what you do, or how busy your life is, doing fun activities with your family has no substitute.

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