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Color lesson plans

March 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Color lesson plans are usually used for younger classes, where kids are still new to the concept of mixing and creating new colors. There are many different types of color lesson plans available, each of them outlining different ways in which students can be introduced to colors and allowed to experiment with them.

Teachers know their students the best and are therefore the best judge of which color lesson plan will work well in their classroom. Whichever color lesson plan the teacher uses, it is important to make sure that the students have a great time learning about something as fun as colors!

Here are some craft activities that teachers can use to have fun while teaching students about colors.

Color lesson plans for younger students may stop at the relationship colors share with each other. Learning happens best when multiple senses are involved, and a lesson about colors can involve multiple senses more than most other lessons can. Teachers should look for lesson plans where the entire class can have fun learning about colors.

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Science Lesson Plans

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Well-designed science lesson plans allow students to realize the important part science plays in their everyday lives. Science lesson plans include experiments and activities that will increase children’s awareness of scientific phenomena that surround them. A good science lesson plan should instill in students a healthy interest in the subject. Kids who learn to love science and learning at a young age are likely to retain their interest in the subject as they grow older.

Science lesson plans for kids introduce young ones to the science behind common everyday occurrences. Good science lesson plans for kids from Jumpstart allow for plenty of experimentation and hands-on learning. Science lesson plans for younger classes should involve more student activities, since younger children can get restless more easily. Younger students’ science lessons usually revolve around concrete objects they are familiar with and common occurrences they encounter.

Here are some science activities and worksheets that teachers can use to add fun to any science lesson plan!

Science Activities

 Science Worksheets

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Grade based lesson plans

December 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Grade based lesson plans are particularly useful for teachers in elementary school, especially teachers of preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade. Grade based lesson plans help elementary school teachers find lesson plans for different subjects under a single category. This is useful for teachers who teach the same grade different subjects.

Preschool lesson plans often include many games and hands-on activities that ensure children are having so much fun, they don’t even realize they’re learning.

Kindergarten lesson plans introduce phonetics, numbers and simple vocabulary to students in kindergarten through fun games. Simple scholastic skills are also taught through craft activities.

1st grade lesson plans introduce more structure into classes. Students in 1st grade are beginning to learn important scholastic skills that form the basis of their later education.

2nd grade lesson plans help introduce more complex concepts in math, science and reading to students in 2nd grade.

3rd grade lesson plans help teachers cater to the more mature minds in 3rd grade. Simple activities that younger students enjoy are often less interesting for 3rd graders.

4th grade lesson plans need to be designed keeping in mind the milestones that the kids should achieve by the end of the academic year.

Designing lesson plans for 5th graders can be quite challenging. 5th grade lessons should not only be in keeping with the standards and objectives of that grade but should also be presented in a manner that is simple for the kids to understand.

English Lesson plans

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Jumpstart English lesson plans for kids are designed to make sure children enjoy learning English. These English lesson plans include fun activities and games that children can engage in as part of the lessons. Creating a positive learning experience is always important when teaching young kids, and English lesson plans for kids help teachers do just that. With help from these lesson plans, teachers can help students get better grades in English and develop a liking for the subject that will stay with them as they grow older!

Teachers may find that some English lesson plans have innovative ideas on letting children practice the lesson learnt. Also, teachers should see that the English lesson plans they use let students and teachers have a great time in the classroom. Good learning happens when the students are enjoying themselves.

These lesson plans on jumpstart are free and printable. Teaching English can be a hassle-free activity with the free, printable English lesson plans available online.

English Worksheets
English Worksheets for Kindergarten

English Worksheets for 1st Grade

English Worksheets for 2nd Grade

English Worksheets for 3rd Grade

English Worksheets for 4th Grade

English Worksheets for 5th Grade

Reading Activities

English Lesson Plans

Reading lesson plans

November 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Many websites provide teachers with teaching resources like reading lesson plans. The pre-written reading lesson plans remove a lot of work for the teacher, who can concentrate on having a good time with the students. For ease of use, many of the reading lesson plans available on the internet are free and printable. Teachers can use these free, printable reading lesson plans to make teaching a less stressful activity.

Good reading lesson plans introduce students to the pleasures of reading. Reading lesson plans may help teachers interest students in topics that they will be required to read about afterward. Reading lesson plans may also work the other way, getting students to interest each other in books they have already read. Reading is not just about English. It also introduces people to the world and gives them interesting ideas to talk about. Good reading lesson plans allow children to feel a sense of accomplishment in learning about new things through reading. This fosters a fondness for reading that will stay with students even as they grow older.

Here are some reading activities and worksheets for kids that teachers can use to add fun to any reading lesson plan!

Reading Worksheets for Kindergarten

Reading Worksheets for 2nd Grade

Reading Activities

Math lesson plans

October 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Online math lesson plans are meant to make classroom teaching an easy and enjoyable experience for teachers. Most lesson plans available online are in a format that is easy to use and access. Teachers will be glad to find the large number of free printable math lesson plans available on the internet. Printable math lesson plans allow teachers to enjoy a hassle-free teaching experience.

Good math lesson plans for kids should help teachers make math relevant to their students’ everyday lives. Far too many students find math difficult and uninteresting. Whether running an errand at the grocery store, cooking their favorite dish or dividing candies among their friends, kids are always using math, but when they encounter it in the classroom, it suddenly seems more daunting. Math lesson plans meant for kids help teachers and students have a great time during math classes, with exercises and activities that bring math alive.

Here are some math worksheets that teachers can use to add fun to any math lesson plan!

Math Lesson Plans for Kindergarten

Math Lesson Plans for 1st Grade

Math Lesson Plans for 2nd Grade

Math Lesson Plans for 3rd Grade

Math Lesson Plans for 4th Grade

Math Lesson Plans for 5th Grade



Lesson Plans

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Lesson plans are representative of the thought and planning that goes into a teacher’s class. The quality and clarity of a lesson plan often determines the quality and clarity of the teaching that follows it. Good lesson plans give teachers confidence and allow them to arrive for class well-prepared. Students are more likely to enjoy themselves when the teacher has relevant, well-chosen activities and resources to aid understanding of the lesson.

With the large number of lesson plans available online, it is important that teachers choose the most appropriate one for themselves. The first thing to look at in a lesson plan, obviously, is the subject matter. A teacher who is going to teach a lesson on the digestive system must first look for lesson plans on the subject. Any chosen lesson plan can be altered to suit specific learning and classroom needs, but there are a few things that teachers should look out for in a lesson plan that catches one’s eye. Teachers should make sure the learning objective in the lesson plan is the same as the objective the teacher has in mind.

At the end of the day, teachers know their classes the best, and are therefore the best judges of whether or not a particular lesson plan is suited to the class’ needs. See our list of interesting lesson plans on various subjects: