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Teacher Resources

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Social networking sites for teachers allow teachers from across the country to share experiences and advice about teaching. Educational resources also include learning games, audio-visual teaching tools, and interactive educational software. Finally, there are websites that list and describe various sites that offer teacher resources.

Teacher resources are especially useful these days with the increased standards in education and greater expectations from society. Online teacher resources are collections of hundreds of teaching materials designed by experts or tried and found useful by other teachers. In many cases, making use of the online teacher resources may prove to be even more useful and effective than relying on resources from fellow teachers at school.

The most basic educational resources are worksheets and lesson plans. Tons of these are available in multiple websites and teacher forums. There are also teaching ideas and classroom activities which teachers can make use of to liven up lessons and help students understand concepts better. Teachers can also find descriptions and reviews of various teaching tools – using these helps teachers make informed decisions about the educational material used in the classroom.

JumpStart has its own collection of free teacher resources. Check them out:

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Art Resources

Art resources are great for helping kids mature as artists in a variety of areas. Parents and teachers can find a large collection of art resources online, ranging from simple coloring pages to expert information on candle making.

Here are some fun arts and crafts projects for kids. Parents and teachers can use JumpStart’s art resources to help kids learn while having fun.

The resources available include expert information on sewing, knitting, painting, scrap booking, candle making, wet felting and a lot more. One can even find graphic art programs and 3D modelling programs that help children master these newer forms of art. There are also specialized sites, like the website dedicated to making paper dinosaurs. More traditional crafts like paper mache can be learned and mastered with the help of online art resources.

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Kids Online resources

Kids’ online resources can be found in many places on the internet, but parents often prefer sites where kids’ resources are collected and made available in a single place so that they’re easy to access and kids are less likely to wander to unsafe websites.

There are plenty of kids’ resources online. Parents and teachers can use online kids’ resources to keep young ones busy learning while having fun. There are websites that have coloring pages, printable worksheets, fun puzzles and online games for young kids. Parents can even find homeschooling resources online. Adults can find many ideas for craft activities that are perfect for any time of the year, as well as special activities for the holidays. There are Halloween crafts, Thanksgiving crafts, and Christmas crafts. There are even special games and activities for holidays like the Chinese New Year and Groundhog Day.

JumpStart has a large collection of fun activities and games for kids:

Holiday Resources

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Holiday resources help make holidays an even more special and joyous time for everyone. Holiday resources can be found for different members of the family, allowing everyone to be part of the festivities.

Whether at school or at home, kids can contribute to the preparations for a big upcoming holiday. Teachers may be able to find worksheets with a Christmas, Thanksgiving or Halloween theme that can be used in the days leading up to the special day.

There is a lot of information available about the origin of different holidays, and teachers can talk about such things with the students in class. Both parents and teachers can find plenty of cool art projects revolving around the holiday theme. Many of these are simple and require only easily available material.

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Holiday Activities

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Whether they’re Halloween activities or Easter activities, Thanksgiving activities or Christmas activities, there are a variety of holiday activities for kids. These theme-based activities will interest kids and make them want to do more. And what’s more, you can watch the kids learn a bunch of new things in the process.

Holiday activities for kids can be fun, simple, and educational, and will keep the little ones busy and excited! See our exciting holiday activities for kids of all ages. Engage them with these activities and watch them get busy! You will never hear kids say ‘I’m bored’ during the holidays again!

For Christmas, let kids color Santa or play Christmas games. Let kids make paper Turkeys or solve special puzzles for Thanksgiving. The list of special holiday activities is endless! You can also get creative and make up your own games and puzzles and have a happy holiday! Here are few activities.,

Holiday activities are designed and categorized keeping in mind the different age groups of kids. From art and craft activities for the holidays to math or science activities, there’s something for everybody!

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Family Activities

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Family activities are a great opportunity to step back, watch the children grow, learn more about their interests, likes and dislikes, share what’s on your mind and listen to everything they have to say. Family activities bring all the members of the family together and strengthen ties between all. No matter where you stay, what you do, or how busy your life is, doing fun activities with your family has no substitute.

Family activities are a great way to bring the family together. Try out our fun family activities and see how much love, laughter and smiling you can pack into every day!

Fun family activities can include almost anything! Having a picnic at the local park, taking the dog for a walk, baking a cake or playing a board game are all easy ways to bring the family together for some fun. At JumpStart, you can find a variety of ideas for different kinds of family activities. From simple indoor activities to fun travel games, there is so much that you and your family can do together. So, take a few moments out of the week to squeeze in a family activity. We think you’ll be glad you did!

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Grade Based Resources

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Grade based resources make the search for the right educational resources a lot easier for teachers, parents and students. Whether one is in search of preschool resources, kindergarten resources, 1st grade resources, 2nd grade resources, 3rd grade resources, 4th grade resources or 5th grade resources one will be able to find educational resources for all the different subjects under a single heading.

Preschool Resources:

JumpStart’s preschool resources cover topics like letter and number recognition, alphabet sounds, counting, shapes, colors and patterns. Through these topics, preschoolers begin to make sense of their surroundings and prepare themselves for the more advanced topics that they will be learning in the coming years.

Kindergarten Resources:

JumpStart’s resources for kindergarten cover topics like letter and number recognition, alphabet sounds, sentence building, skip counting, addition, subtraction and sorting. In short, JumpStart’s kindergarten resources introduce the little ones to the topics that are covered in all major kindergarten curriculums .

1st grade resources:

JumpStart’s first grade resources include worksheets, activities and lesson plans for 1st grade in subjects like math, language arts, science, social studies and art. The resources for first grade cover topics like syllables, spelling, parts of speech, punctuation, addition, subtraction, fractions and measurement.

2nd grade resources:

The resources for second graders cover topics like spelling, alphabetizing, roman numerals, estimating, rounding off, and shapes and forms, apart from dealing with many first grade topics in greater detail. The second grade resources include helpful tips and extension activities that parents and teachers can use to enable deeper understanding of these topics, and foster the development of a broad range of academic and thinking skills.

3rd grade resources:

JumpStart’s third grade resources include 3rd grade worksheets, activities and lesson plans in math, language arts, science, social studies and art. The resources for third graders cover topics like multiplication and division, synonyms, antonyms and homonyms, fractions, and tenses.

4th grade resources:

The resources for fourth graders cover topics like parts of speech, history, geography, mathematical operations, decimals and critical thinking. JumpStart’s 4th grade resources online will help 9 and 10 year olds master these and other skills with ease and let them have fun while they’re at it.

5th grade resources:

The resources for fifth graders cover topics that are part of most 5th grade curriculums  across the country. The age-appropriate activities combine subjects and relate to real-life experiences, promoting a deeper understanding of the subject material. Challenges and extension activities help develop critical thinking skills and build confidence.