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Holiday Activities

February 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Whether they’re Halloween activities or Easter activities, Thanksgiving activities or Christmas activities, there are a variety of holiday activities for kids. These theme-based activities will interest kids and make them want to do more. And what’s more, you can watch the kids learn a bunch of new things in the process.

Holiday activities for kids can be fun, simple, and educational, and will keep the little ones busy and excited! See our exciting holiday activities for kids of all ages. Engage them with these activities and watch them get busy! You will never hear kids say ‘I’m bored’ during the holidays again!

For Christmas, let kids color Santa or play Christmas games. Let kids make paper Turkeys or solve special puzzles for Thanksgiving. The list of special holiday activities is endless! You can also get creative and make up your own games and puzzles and have a happy holiday! Here are few activities.,

Holiday activities are designed and categorized keeping in mind the different age groups of kids. From art and craft activities for the holidays to math or science activities, there’s something for everybody!

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Family Activities

February 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Family activities are a great opportunity to step back, watch the children grow, learn more about their interests, likes and dislikes, share what’s on your mind and listen to everything they have to say. Family activities bring all the members of the family together and strengthen ties between all. No matter where you stay, what you do, or how busy your life is, doing fun activities with your family has no substitute.

Family activities are a great way to bring the family together. Try out our fun family activities and see how much love, laughter and smiling you can pack into every day!

Fun family activities can include almost anything! Having a picnic at the local park, taking the dog for a walk, baking a cake or playing a board game are all easy ways to bring the family together for some fun. At JumpStart, you can find a variety of ideas for different kinds of family activities. From simple indoor activities to fun travel games, there is so much that you and your family can do together. So, take a few moments out of the week to squeeze in a family activity. We think you’ll be glad you did!

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